Automobile Diagnostic Device
Install the Autofactory’s OBD into your car, then it will check and inform you the Automobile’s inside condition, Malfunction information, Driving records in the real time basis.
AutoFactory OBD offers you a reliable and efficient automobile management.
Services that is searching and linking all the communication objects inside and outside of the automobile.
Thing-Finder developed by AutoFactory, connects the automobile, the driver and the various objects outside of the automobile.
It will (real-time) analyze the driver’s condition, driving course and the road condition based on the two-way communication with other objectives.
This will provide you the actually useful information such as traffic, dangerous factors on the road etc.
Connected-Car Platform Service from OBD and Connected-Car Service
We offer you a various services using Autofactory’s OBD and Connected-Car technology.
Connected-car platform services will provide you various services based on the collected information.
1) Automobile Diagnostic Service - Monitoring automobile condition and malfunction information.
2) Automobile Management (Control) Service.
3) UBI Insurance - The insurance will be calculated based on the driver’s driving behavior, driving records.
3) Automobile Value Evaluation - Evaluation by analyzing and measuring the Automobile management system and driving pattern.
4) Safe Driving Guide - After analyzing the driver’s driving behavior, it will guide the driver what to improve for safer driving.
We are continuously developing a various Connected-car platform services for more comfortable and safe car(automobile) life.